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Checkpoint AMM10 AM TECHNOLOGY EAS Antenna  in Bangladesh

RAT’S BD has an available AMM10 is an advanced EAS antenna system of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. RAT’S BD  is a Bangladesh-based supplier Checkpoint system/ Am Antenna  Any Model  Price in Bangladesh. The company offers a variety of goods, such as access control systems, Surveillance cameras, and EAS Security Alarm System IP Cameras. 

RatsBD has been in business Since 2023 and has a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka, Uttara). We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. The best pricing can be guaranteed for complete setup and post-purchase assistance. To know more details visit our website please Contact us at our Facebook Page or +880-1713-819528, +880-2-55094035.

AMM10 is an advanced EAS antenna system capable of excellent detection of 58Khz AM labels and tags. With intuitive software diagnostics and noise resistance, the AMM10 system is an ideal choice for supermarkets and retail shops. The AMM10 system consists of a master unit which can support up to two slaves with no controller required, cost-effective for large or multiple entrance. The antennas are fully universal and can be simply configured as a transceiver, transmitter or receiver. This allows for full flexibility for installation. The AMM10 system includes integrated jammer detection to protect merchandise from organized shoplifters. Digital oscilloscope features make it simple for troubleshooting and synchronization. No extra tools or devices are required for synchronization.

Checkpoint AMM10 Feature:

High Quality Antenna.
• High detection rate with extremely low false alarm.
• Fully compatible with all AM tags and labels.
• Alarm sound volume adjustable and customized flashing LED lights.
• Superior Digital Signal Processing (DSP ) technology.
• It can work as either Mono or Master/slave version.
• Effective solutions for multi aisle scenario.
• Software based anti-interference tuning and adjustment.
• Low power consumption and environment friendly

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